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An eloquently told personal account of an era of enormous cultural and political change, which reveals Harry Belafonte as not only one of Americas greatest entertainers, but also one of our most profoundly influential activists.Harry Belafonte spent his childhood in both Harlem and Jamaica, where the toughness of the city and the resilient spirit of the Caribbean lifestyle instilled in him a tenacity to face the hurdles of life head on and channel his anger into positive, life affirming actions He returned to New York City after serving in the Navy in World War II, and found his calling in the theater, before transitioning into a career as a singer and Hollywood leading man During the 1960s civil rights movement, Belafonte became close friends with Martin Luther King, Jr., and used his celebrity as a platform for his activism in civil rights and countless other political and social causes My Song tells the inspiring story of a startlingly original and powerful entertainer who has always engaged fiercely with the issues of his day....

Title : My Song: A Memoir of Art, Race, and Defiance
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ISBN : 0307473422
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My Song: A Memoir of Art, Race, and Defiance Reviews

  • Susan Bragg
    2019-05-20 12:00

    As a Canadian, I had no idea that Mr Belafonte was in the forefront of the Civil Rights movement. Recently, I felt it was a disgrace that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences did not honor him with the Jean Hersholdt Award in front of the entire world but in a 'private' moment elsewhere. He deserved more recognition for his film & entertainment work as well as his worldwide charity work for the United Nations. His book is a history of America and the part that many played in it….I thank him for his love and his efforts…I grew up loving his voice….now, six decades later…I love him for his humanity… Read his book…you'll learn so much about the the United States…Harry, Danny Kaye, Audrey Hepburn…these people are amazing…Angelina Jolie follows in their footsteps today…so too Sean Penn and George Clooney…these are all wonderful people who had a great leader to show the way to be caring citizens of the world

  • G. Brozeit
    2019-04-27 16:59

    For those who have read Taylor Branch's trilogy on the history of the civil rights movement, My Song is an excellent and uplifting book that illuminates much more than the story of one man's contribution to our nation's history. And for those who aren't familiar with Branch's work, reading My Song might compel you to read more about the history Belafonte helped shape.

  • Tom Leech
    2019-04-29 17:14

    I've been a Harry Belafonte fan for decades, probably ever since "Day-O" became an oft-repeated phrase about 5+ decades ago. Many people know well his songs, movie roles, and still-going entertainment career. But far fewer are aware of how involved and important he was with the civil rights movement. This book tells Harry's story from when he was a child (a rough experience), how he got involved with music and show biz, the segregation he constantly ran into, plus all his relationships and actions with key black figures such as Paul Robeson, Sydney Poitier, Martin Luther King, etc. One that people might vividly recall, where he was the prime pusher, is the 1985 "We are the world" song with many key players (e.g., Michael Jackson),entertainers and others, that was a huge worldwide success and major factor in helping Africa overcome a devastating famine. Many pictures add much to this excellent book. (FYI I had a slight linkage to the year 1968, when MLK was killed, as noted in my book "On the road in '68: a year of turmoil, a journey of friendship.")

  • P. K Sykes
    2019-04-26 18:07

    I've been crazy about Harry Belafonte for over 50 years, so was really anxious to read this book. He comes across as very full of himself, a serial cheater, and to hear him tell it, almost solely responsible for the civil rights movement. Still love his music, and think he is the sexiest man alive!

  • susan
    2019-04-22 18:11

    Because the life story was not done the last few chapters dragged a bit but the rest was golden. It offered a view of the civil rights movement almost from the very beginning. In addition, the glamor scene of the 60's and 70's wove in and out as stardom was used for more than glitz. What an interesting life! But for the last couple chapters this was a 5 star book!

  • MarvelousMarla
    2019-05-02 19:25

    I've always had a vague idea about Harry Belafonte's social activism, but I had no idea that he'd given so much of his time, influence and resources to the Civil Rights Movement. In seeing him promote this book, I grew curious about this part of his life.